Screening improves bulk material quality: Screening machines from RGS GmbH

Screening machines & screening systems are often integrated into the conveyor technology & shredder systems of RGS recycling systems GmbH . As a German mechanical engineer with the highest quality standards, we have extensive expertise in the high-quality processing of bulk material. Screening systems contribute greatly to the reliable removal of unwanted material residues and ensure that the raw material is as homogeneous as possible before being fed into the conveyor process.

Screening machines adapted to the requirements of your plant

RGS GmbH also integrates screening machines according to our philosophy of developing individual complete systems to meet customers’ wishes. A suitable component is selected to screen and separate materials depending on the requirements of your production process. The professional advice of the experts at RGS recycling systems GmbH has allowed us to develop a screening process that leads to bulk material of the highest quality according to our customers’ requirements.

Diverse screening machines from RGS GmbH

The individual selection of screening machines requires a wide range of available machine types for the separation of unwanted components in the bulk material. RGS GmbH in Kirchdorf offers a wide variety of choices: From low-maintenance oscillating and vibrating screens for dry bulk material to star screens for wet material as well as classic drum screens. Together with our customers, we look closely at the material properties the bulk material and, based on this, select a suitable screening machine to be integrated into the tailor-made RGS shredder and conveyor system.

Suitable materials for RGS screening machines

RGS GmbH’s screening technology is suitable for the separation of different kinds of materials. Here is a first glance at the many applications of separation technology we provide:

This list is a selection of the many screening possibilities offered by RGS systems.

  • Biomass
  • Wooden pellets
  • Wood chips
  • Wood shavings
  • Shredded sawmill waste
  • Shavings
  • Sawdust
  • Wood waste
  • Humus
  • Bark mulch
  • Granulates
  • Powder
  • Recycling materials

RGS GmbH offers high-quality screening machines

Separating unwanted components from the bulk material is an important criterion for a flawless production process and a high-quality end product. With this in mind, RGS GmbH attaches great importance to building high-quality screening machines. The screening components are characterised by:

  • very low maintenance costs
  • high screening performance according to the production requirements
  • low noise emissions
  • solid construction for long life-cycles

Separation must always function flawlessly and must under no circumstances cause disruptions or stop operation of the plant. With this in mind, the RGS GmbH team selects suitable screening components together with the customer and provides as usual the highest RGS quality “Made in Germany”.

Do you want detailed information on screening machines from RGS GmbH?

Contact our team and let them know about the requirements of your production process! – We look forward to discussing the matter with you!

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