System commissioning on site

System commissioning on site by RGS GmbH

The commissioning of a system on the customer’s premises is an important part of RGS GmbH’s range of services . In addition to the individual planning and production of conveyor and shredder systems, our customers above all expect smooth and efficient system operations! We offer you a full service package for system commissioning: From delivery and assembly to training your employees to work with your new RGS system.

For large and complex systems in particular, on-site commissioning by RGS recycling systems GmbH experts is an important element of the smooth integration into existing work processes. RGS GmbH ensures that your new system will immediately contribute to your value creation.

Delivery, assembly and integration into production processes

You large system individually manufactured by RGS is delivered in preassembled components and installed by the RGS GmbH assembly team. Our technicians work with the highest precision and expertise to ensure the error-free assembly of your new conveyor technology and shredder systems manufactured by RGS. Our commissioning technicians focus on the smooth integration of your new RGS system into existing production processes and shopfloors. In addition to the high quality of the assembly work, our customers appreciate greatly this embedding in their existing processes, as it helps recoup investments from the day of commissioning.


Professional handover of the new system

The commissioning carried out by RGS GmbH experts has another advantage that is a convincing argument for many of our customers: As assembly and commissioning are carried out by RGS GmbH, the manufacturer of the system, customers only officially accept the system once it is operating flawlessly. Our customers greatly appreciate the security this provides when investing in new large systems.

Training your operating personnel to operate the system

Complex systems with control components involve new requirements for the operating staff in your production team. To meet these requirements, RGS recycling systems GmbH offers to train your operating staff to operate new conveyor and shredder systems manufactured by RGS. The competent RGS employees know what matters when operating our systems and will teach your employees these important skills. In this way, RGS in Kirchdorf am Inn contributes to the optimal integration of new systems in the existing production process.

RGS GmbH from Bavaria remains at your side beyond the planning and system production as a competent partner. Would you like more information about on-site commissioning?

Then please contact our team in Kirchdorf am Inn!

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