Shredder systems

RGS produces shredder systems according to your requirements

RGS recycling systems GmbH produces individually adapted shredder systems for various applications. Different sectors of industry, energy and waste management share a common challenge: They are all required to eliminate waste and by-products or recycle them for a maximum yield.  Many of these materials are precious resources. 


The shredder system is an important module in the production and recycling cycle. Resources can only be recycled to their full potential and waste eliminated at minimal cost when the shredder and its components are optimised for the type, volume and further use of the shredded material.


This is why RGS recycling systems GmbH in Kirchdorf am Inn (Bavaria) works with you to plan the perfect shredder system for your requirements.

Shredder systems for almost any material

Every material has different shredding requirements. RGS recycling systems GmbH manufactures shredders “Made in Germany” for almost all materials:


RGS produces wood chippers and shredders for wood cuttings, pallets, particle boards and wood in all of its forms in order to unlock the full potential of this renewable raw material.



Hardly any raw material is a multifaceted as plastic. This applies both to the wide range of chemical compounds (PET, PVC etc.) and the physical properties (PET bottles, liquid packaging boards etc.) of the material to be shredded. A shredder system must be specifically tuned to its properties and further use.


Recycling paper makes sense from an ecological and economical point of view. Important points to consider are the output levels as well as the expected forms of paper.

Other materials

RGS recycling systems GmbH offers  shredder systems for various other materials. Shredders “Made in Germany” are also available for rubber, carpets or foam, each of them perfectly adapted to the processing material, the output required and the expected end product.

Shredder systems with special equipment

RGS recycling systems GmbH manufactures your shredder system exactly according to the specific requirements of the shredded material and its further processing in your production cycle. Planning special equipment can represent an enormous gain in efficiency. Our customers benefit from our comprehensive expertise beyond the production of shredder systems. RGS has experience and competence in the areas of mechanical engineering,  conveyor technology , construction , service and maintenance , as well as surface engineering. This know-how is brought by our superbly qualified experts to the planning and production of your shredder system.


A large number of special equipment versions can be added to optimise the efficiency of your installation:


  • Lifting equipment for filling
  • Spiral conveyor systems for the disposal of chippings, filling trucks and silos, etc.
  • Screw conveyors
  • Vertical installations including iron separation
  • Separation by a screening system
  • etc.

Shredder systems in all their diversity are our profession.

Let’s talk about the perfect system for your requirements. We look forward to your enquiry!

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